David Maslove, MD, MS, FRCPC, Assistant Professor, Dept of Medicine, Queen’s University

David Maslove, MD, MS, FRCPC, Assistant Professor, Dept of Medicine, Queen’s University

Critical Care Informatics, CONDUIT Lab

The care of patients in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) is a resource-intensive task, accounting for a substantial proportion of total health care costs. With few positive results emerging from randomized controlled trials, new approaches to research in this area are needed. The emergence of genome science presents an unprecedented opportunity to develop such novel approaches, based on understanding critical illness at a molecular level. Concurrently, advances in data science and the emergence of “big data” resources offer powerful new ways to conduct studies in genomics, and derive actionable evidence for clinical practices.
Our research aims include the development a novel database with the capacity to store and merge biomedical big data, as well as the analytic tools needed to translate raw data into medical knowledge. Our objectives include the development of knowledge representations of biomedical big data that will allow researchers at different sites to share data, and collaborate more effectively. We will also develop methods to collect clinical data from electronic medical records, as well as waveform data from bedside monitors, and to combine these using novel data structures.


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