Cover_JFM_664The long term focus of Dr. Wu’s group is to perform world-class fluid mechanics research that can penetrate into undergraduate and graduate text books, and at the same time impact aeronautical engineering practice. Their current research topics include boundary layer, pipe flow, jet engine flow, subsonic and supersonic wake and missile flow. Research approach is first-principle-based, very-large-scale direct numerical simulation (VLS DNS).

Cover_PoFTheir recent VLS DNS papers on the boundary layer, pipe flow and jet engine turbine cascade flow have been published in the Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, and the AIAA Journal.

Their work on the HPCVL has resonated within the international CFD, turbulence and transition research communities. A hall-mark of Dr. Wu’s group is strong and substantial collaborations with some of the world’s best computational and experimental scientists in fluid mechanics. Some of their graduates have moved up to top-tier labs and universities in Canada and the United States.