5G-ready Innovation Platform testbed open!


ENCQOR has the first of three 5G-ready Innovation Platform as a Service (iPaaS) testbed in Ontario now open for SMEs at Invest Ottawa! Gain early access to a start-of-the-art 5G development platform for prototyping new products and services. Application intake for all programming streams is underway for organizations that wish to use the testbeds to develop their technology. Visit the ENCQOR website to learn more today!

Why 5G? ENCQOR 5G Digital Innovation Hubs are vital to SMEs because they enable them to:

  • Accelerate their time to market by providing access to the Innovation Platform as a Service (iPaaS) testbed, an operational, pre-commercial 5G wireless testbed
  • Develop, prototype, test and demonstrate new products and services on a standards-based 5G iPaaS testbed
  • Connect with anchor partners, customers and customized ecosystem and business services

Included is support for enhanced mobile broadband, low latency for mission-critical machine-type communication and massive machine-type communications for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Interested Ontario-based organizations have two options to gain access to the ENCQOR 5G iPaaS testbeds at the three hubs in Ontario: