Centre for Advanced Computing

Remodeled Account Structure 

Compute Access

Disk Storage

Nearline Storage

$225/Core Year

$250/TB Year

$45/TB Year

Compute Access is provided via SLURM scheduler on Frontenac. 

Utilization is measured by core year. The equivalent of using 1 CPU core continuously for a full year. Using 12 cores for a month of 365 cores for a single day are equivalent to 1 core-year. 

Compute access includes 4GB of memory per core utilized. 

Disk Storage is provided via a global filesystem on Frontenac. 

Files are stored on disk and backed up to dual-site tape libraries. 

The Nearline file system is a disk-tape hybrid storage system on Frontenac. Data is stored at a 1:20 disktape ratio, with automatic migration from disk to tape, and back again upon read operations. 

This storage system should be used for datasets that are infrequently accessed and need to be retained for long periods of time.