The Centre for Advanced Computing invites you to participate in the 

2019 Compute Ontario HPC Summer School

July 8 – 12, 2019 @ The University of Ottawa

  • This Summer School is an annual educational event for students, postdocs, and researchers who are engaged in compute intensive research. Held geographically in the west, centre and east of the province of Ontario, the summer school provides attendees with the opportunity to learn and share knowledge and experience on high performance and technical computing.
  • This year’s “East Event” takes place at The Universityof Ottawa and is organized and hosted by the The University of Ottawa, Careleton Universitry, and the Centre for Advanced Computing at Queen’s University. The five full-days dual stream summer school offers intensive courses on a number of selected subjects, including:
    • Programming distributed systems using message passing (MPI)
    • Programming shared memory systems with threads (OpenMP)
    • Programming GPUs (CUDA)
    • Python from scratch to cluster
    • Bioinformatics Workflows
    • Cloud computing and MapReduce
  •  $60 flat fee for this event and will provide lunch each day. Please note that we cannot refund the fees in case of cancellation.

For details, updates, and registration, visit our webpage at