Dr. Shadi Khalifa

Postdoctoral Fellow


Shadi Khalifa joined CAC in 2017. He holds a Ph.D. in Big Data Analytics from Queen’s University and a MS.c. in Information Technology from Cairo University. Shadi is a former IBM CAS researcher and a graduate of the NSERC CREATE Ultra Large Scale Software Systems specialization program. His research interests have ranged from designing easy to use Big Data Analytics solutions, Bioinformatics Analytics, Cloud Computing, and Optimizing the Cellular Networks Inter Cell Interference Coordination. He is an author of 12 refereed publications, two of which are extensive surveys acting as a main source of information for the Big Data Analytics and the Cellular Networks Inter Cell Interference Coordination fields. His “MapReduce Garbage Collection” paper was selected as the Best Student Paper in IBM CASCON 2013.
He is the developer of the QDrill solution for easy distributed Big Data Analytics and the HSBT NS2 high speed Bluetooth simulation model.
His current interests include Intelligent Assistance, Big Data Analytics, Human-Analytics Interaction, Bioinformatics Analytics, Machine Learning, and Distributed Processing.

EMC2 Information Storage Associate (EMCISA)
M.Sc. Information Technology
Ph.D. Big Data Analytics