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The SX cluster has been decomissioned. Please refer to the Frontenac Cluster

The SX (SNOLab) Cluster

These resources are reserved for speciality projects such as DEAP and SNOLab at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory.

Among other spezialized smaller clusters, we operate a "Gridrack" consisting of 37 Dell PowerEdge R410 Servers that have 2 sockets with a 6-core Intel Xeon processor (Intel x5670 / x5675) that runs at 2.9/3.07 GHz. These nodes offer a total of 12 cores that are 2-fold hyperthreaded, i.e. they support up to 24 threads. The scheduler is configured such that only 12 threads are run at a time. These nodes have 64 Gbyte or 32 Gbyte of physical memory.

Gridrack Configuration

  • 37 Dell R410 (Intel x5670/x5675) w/ 12 cores per node
  • 1 - Dual Core Sun Fire X2100 Server acting as the Login node

All nodes have 32/64 Gigabytes of RAM available and are connected by a Gigabit Ethernet interconnect

SX(Linux) Cluster Nodes ("SNO Gridrack")
Host CPU model Speed Cores Threads Memory
sxnode12-48 X5675 2.3GHz 12 24 32 / 64 GB