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Note: The Centre for Advanced Computing is substantially increasing its storage capacity. This expansion also involves a re-organization of our file systems, networking, and hardware support structure. This page is therefore subject to change. Please re-visit.

Disk Storage

Elastic Storage System GL6
Elastic Storage System GL6

Kingston: Main Facility

  • Elastic Storage Server GL6
  • High-capacity PedaScale storage
  • 4U 60 drive storage enclosures
  • Power S822L - 20 Cores
  • 348 X 8TB 2.2K HDD
  • 2.0 PB raw capacity

Kingston: Main Facility

  • 2 PB of Oracle Storage 7400 Unified Storage System
  • 500 TB Dedicated/Special Storage
  • Dual 10 Gig Fibre

Tape Storage

Oracle TS4500 System Storage
TS4500 System Storage

Kingston: Main Facility

Kingston: Off Site

Kingston: Main Facility

  • Oracle L1400 DLT (Digital Linear Tape) Storage System
  • Currently configured w/ 1300 x 400 GB tapes
  • Native capacity of 1.04 PB, Effective capacity of 520 TB