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I Can't Access the Frontenac Cluster

If you are receiving an 'Operation Timed out' message and you are from outside of Canada, you will need to use a VPN. If you are from the Queen's University Community, you can make use of the Fortinet VPN client offered by Queens.

I've Forgotten My CAC Password

Users can reset their CAC password their self, see . Make sure you use the same email address as you used when you first signed up.

My jobs haven't started yet

You can check your pending job by running the command squeue -u $USER. You queue time for your job depends on two major factors. First is the cluster load, you can check the current load,i.e., running and pending jobs here:

Secondly, your priority might have dropped due to the recent usage of the compute resources from your group. You can check your group's fairshare level using sshare command (e.g., sshare -l -A def-hpcg9999). Your job priority depends on the LevelFS and anything less than 1 implies that you are over-served in the recent past and job are given a lower priority by the scheduler. This is to ensure fairshare usage amongst our user. Please note that your groups fairshare level will automatically recover with time, provide that the recent usage is low.

Can I use Conda for installing python packages

R and Rstudio

My job doesn't seems run any faster on the cluster compared to my PC/Laptop