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Fee Structure @ Frontenac

Frontenac serves as our main compute cluster and is operated through the SLURM scheduler. Until March 31, allocations from the 2018 Resource Allocation Competition of Compute Canada, are running on this cluster. The cluster is not among the allocatable systems for the 2019 Compute Canada allocation round ("RAC2019"). Therefore, the operation of Frontenac will be on a cost-recovery basis from April 1, 2019. This page provides details about the fee structure.

Compute and Storage

The new fee structure for the Frontenac Compute cluster applies both to the usage of CPU's and for storage on disk and tape. The fees are raised per annum basis, but can be pro-rated to a shorter duration without penalty. The standard units are :

Type Unit Explanation
CPU usage core-year (cyr)
  • One core for the duration of one year
  • The unit is not bound to a specific CPU but scheduled on any of the systems on the Frontenac cluster
  • Associated memory and other specifics of the CPU varies
  • We are not charging for memory, but will use a memory-equivalent when memory usage exceeds CPU usage
Storage terabyte-year (tbyr)
  • One terabyte of storage for the duration of one year
  • Storage needs to be sized ahead of usage, and includes all project areas (home, scratch, project)
  • Different rates apply for disk (project) storage and tape storage with HSM access (nearline); see below
  • A small amount of "home" space for usage with CPU access is free

"Dedicated" and "A la carte" Compute access

Project and Nearline storage