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The SX (SNOLab) Cluster

These resources are reserved for speciality projects such as DEAP and SNOLab at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory.

Among other spezialized smaller clusters, we operate a "Gridrack" consisting of 37 Dell PowerEdge R410 Servers that have 2 sockets with a 6-core Intel Xeon processor (Intel x5670 / x5675) that runs at 2.9/3.07 GHz. These nodes offer a total of 12 cores that are 2-fold hyperthreaded, i.e. they support up to 24 threads. The scheduler is configured such that only 12 threads are run at a time. These nodes have 64 Gbyte or 32 Gbyte of physical memory.

Gridrack Configuration

  • 37 Dell R410 (Intel x5670/x5675) w/ 12 cores per node
  • 1 - Dual Core Sun Fire X2100 Server acting as the Login node

All nodes have 32/64 Gigabytes of RAM available and are connected by a Gigabit Ethernet interconnect

SX(Linux) Cluster Nodes ("SNO Gridrack")
Host CPU model Speed Cores Threads Memory
sxnode12-48 X5675 2.3GHz 12 24 32 / 64 GB