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  • Accessing the Systems: Using SSH or our portal to get onto our systems
  • ADF: Amsterdam Density Functional code (computational chemistry)
  • Adina: Automatic Dynamic Incremental Non-linear Analysis (finite element)
  • Fluent: Computational Fluid Dynamics code
  • CPMD: Carr-Parinello Molecular Dynamics (quantum-classical MD)
  • Gaussian: Electronic Structure / Computational Chemistry code
  • Gamess: General Atomic and Molecular Electronic Structure System
  • MATLAB: High-level Technical Computing Language and Interactive Environment
  • MPI: Compiler Directives for shared-memory parallel programming
  • NWChem: High-Performance Electronic Structure code
  • OpenMP: Compiler Directives for shared-memory parallel programming
  • Passwords: Using and Changing Passwords
  • Running Jobs: Using the Grid Engine scheduler to run jobs on our clusters