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Information for Participants

  • Labs:
    • The Participants need to bring in laptops to participate in the hands-on sessions. Some of the sessions (the ones in Stream 1) will be conducted directly on the laptops, while others (Stream 2) are done on remote systems that are accessed through ssh and wireless.
    • We recommend to install an ssh client on your laptop. For Linux and Mac systems, such a client is part of the OS. For Windows, a free client can be obtained from the MobaXterm web site.
    • You will also need the capability to display X11 output. For Linux systems, this works automatically. For Mac systems with a newer OS you will need to install the free XQuartz app from For Windows, the MobaXterm ssh client includes this feature.
    • Wireless internet access will be provided.
    • For Stream 1 (MNT 141) students should install the software listed below. For students encountering difficulties, installation help will be provided at the workshop:
  • Location Details:
    • The Summer School takes place in Room 141 in Montpetit Hall at the University of Ottawa (125 University Road Ottawa, Stream 2: OpenMP, Posix, MPI, GPU).
    • Due to the larger-than-expected registration, we have arranged for Room 146 in MacDonald Hall at the University of Ottawa (150 Louis Pasteur) to be available. We will conduct the courses in Stream 1 (bash, make, Python, R, SQL, GIT, and vizualization) at that Venue.