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Information for Participants

For all participants

  • The Participants need to bring in laptops to participate in the hands-on sessions.
  • The sessions will be conducted on remote systems that are accessed through ssh and wireless.
  • We recommend to install an ssh client on your laptop. For Linux and Mac systems, such a client is part of the OS. For Windows, a free client can be obtained from the MobaXterm web site.
  • You may need the capability to display X11 output. For Linux systems, this works automatically. For Mac systems with a newer OS you will need to install the free XQuartz app from For Windows, the MobaXterm ssh client includes this feature.
  • Wireless internet access will be provided.

For participants of the Visualization workshop

For the visualization workshop we will need to have some software installed. Some needs to be installed on Graham and some needs to be installed on your laptop.

For Graham, log in using the guest password you received at the beginning of the summer school. If you don't have one yet, don't worry we will go over it in class as well. Just skip to the installation of ParaView on your laptop below.

When logged in, type the following commands:
  module load python scipy-stack
  virtualenv --no-download ~/viz
  source ~/viz/bin/activate
  pip install --no-index plotly
  pip install --no-index networkx 

You can then log out again

For your laptop, we will need to install ParaView. You can download that here: Please select Version v5.5 from the drop-down menu. We need a specific version that is compatible with the cluster when we do remote rendering. You will also notice that there are many different versions. Choose the following, based on your operating system:

  • Linux: ParaView-5.5.2-Qt5-MPI-Linux-64bit.tar.gz
  • macOS: ParaView-5.5.2-Qt5-MPI-OSX10.8-64bit.dmg
  • Windows: ParaView-5.5.2-Qt5-Windows-64bit.exe

For Windows users, if you get an error about OpenGL, you will need to update your graphics drivers. I don't have links for that because it depends on the brand of your laptop. For example, for Dell, you would go to and find the support page for the model of your laptop. It should have a page about drivers.

Finally, and this is optional, you can create an account at here: This will enable easy plotting from the cluster to a website. You can also do off-line plotting in which case you don't need an account, but I will be demonstrating the on-line version.