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Uploading / Downloading Files

Using a Secure File Transfer (sftp) client

We recommend using FileZilla to transfer files to and from the cluster. You can get this software from this link. Once you've installed and opened the FileZilla Client, use the following instructions to connect.

In the "Quickconnect" bar at the top of FileZilla, enter the following information:

  • Host: sftp://login.cac.queensu.ca
  • User: (your username)
  • Password: (your password, don't use temporary passwords)
  • Port: (leave blank, in case of problems use "22")
  • Hit "Quickconnect" to connect

Once connected, you should see your files on the cluster along the right hand side, and the files from your computer on the left. To transfer files between your computer and the cluster, drag-and-drop the files from one side to the other (or to and from your desktop).

Using Globus

Globus provides a means to transfer large amounts of data in a batch framework, i.e. without "standing by" while the transfer is on-going. Since the setup of an individual "endpoint" is required for this, we don't recommend this method if only small amounts of data need to be transferred. However, if you are planning to move large amounts (in the TB range), then Globus is a reliable and convenient method.

If you decide to go this route, follow the following steps.

Installing Globus Command-Line Interface (CLI)

We reccommend to do the following installs in a spearate directory.

$ mkdir globus
$ cd globus

The Globus CLI needs to be installed individually by the user. This is very simple using the python "pip" tool:

$ module load python
$ pip install --upgrade --user globus-cli
Collecting globus-cli
[...response from pip installer...]