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The Centre for Advanced Computing (CAC) at Queen’s University specializes in providing secure advanced computing resources and support for academic, not-for-profit, government, private sector and medical clients.  In 2017 the CAC’s services expanded to include a team of analysts and developers that engage with academic researchers and support collaboration with industry partners to explore the potential of incorporating cognitive technologies and artificial intelligence into their research and/or businesses.

At the Centre for Advanced Computing, our contributions to support organizations in vulnerable communities such as, indigenous peoples and LGBTQ+ groups help to create medical support systems, accelerate the creation of precision medicine, and help young students develop their skill sets by providing data storage, management and security solutions. In collaboration with our partner, Compute Ontario, the stories of these organizations are illustrated in our newest video project.

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SEMINAR - Dr. Anna Panchenko

“Decoding Molecular Mechanism of cellar function with computational and hybrid approaches”

We aim to identify the associations between key components on genome, epigenome and protein levels, and to understand how the perturbation of these components can lead to disease.

Surveillance Studies Centre: Seminar Series

Have you checked out the latest Seminar Series from the Surveillance Studies Centre (SSC)? Don’t miss out on exciting and innovative topics of discussion.

Resource Allocation Competition Information Session

Don’t miss the opportunity to join the Centre for Advanced Computing (CAC) as we lead an information session that details everything you need to know about Compute Canada’s Resource Allocation Competition (RAC) 2020. The CAC aims to provide local researchers with all the information they need to successfully apply for RAC 2020 in our workshops held September 20th and/or September 27th, 2019.

Diabetes Action Canada: Advanced Analytics Data Workshop success!

Diabetes Action Canada (DAC), in collaboration with The Fields Institute Centre for Quantitative Analysis and Modelling (Fields-CQAM) and the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence, recently achieved a milestone for successful research outcomes! The two-day data workshop, held June 17th and 18th, yielded interesting insights into the prevention, detection, and treatment of diabetes.


The Frontenac Platform at the Centre for Advanced Computing (CAC) has recently undergone changes. The account structure has been remolded. For questions regarding the account structure, please contact the CAC Admin Team directly,

Queen’s CAC and Cancer Computer collaborate to provide FREE computing power to Queen’s cancer researchers

The Centre for Advanced Computing (CAC) at Queen’s University and Cancer Computer are collaborating to provide Queen’s cancer researchers with intensive computing power to further cancer research.

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