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The Centre for Advanced Computing at Queen’s University’s mission is to empower researchers to conduct world-class leading research by enabling Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) services that advance research outcomes, collaborations, and impacts.

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About the CAC


The Centre for Advanced Computing (CAC) at Queen’s University is a data centre and cognitive analytics hub that enables access to digital research infrastructure (DRI) tools and services. We offer high-availability and high-performance compute resources. We are proud to provide 99.997% availability over the last 14 years. A key feature of the CAC is our commitment to security. We conform to national security standards by complying with a variety of frameworks, including academic, ISO 27002, and PHIPA. Our security framework offers researchers one of the most secure academic research environments in Canada. In addition to traditional HPC resources, we offer professional-quality software design and development for data analytics, cognitive computing, and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. Our centre serves as a collaborative resource for cognitive and data-intensive research and application development with clients from academia, clinical, not-for-profit, and industry sectors to deliver successful solutions that help solve real-world challenges. 


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Dr. Harriet Feilotter

Queen’s University partners with leading companies and clinical networks on the CanDETECT Supercluster project to advance innovation in cancer detection and treatment

Many congratulations to Queen’s University and Researcher Harriet Feilotter (Pathology and Molecular Medicine; Queen’s Cancer Research Institute) on their contributions to the CanDETECT project, a new Digital Technology Supercluster designed to accelerate personalized cancer treatment and improve patient outcomes. Read the full story.

neonatal baby held by adult hand

Queen’s University and other Canadian institutions collaborate to discover new methodologies to predict Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) in preterm infants.

Canadian researchers and computer scientists endeavour to discover more comprehensive and inclusive predictive models to better identify Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) and death in preterm infants. Read the full story.


CAC partners with Queen's University groups to form qDC and is among 18 winners of Digital Research Alliance of Canada grant

The CAC is thrilled to announce our partnership as a member of the Queen’s Data Champion’s (qDC) team who are one of eighteen groups or individuals being supported in part by funding from the Digital Research Alliance of Canada. Read the full story

gathering data from Indigenous elders

CAC Supports the Revitalization of Indigenous Languages Project at Queen's

Nathan Brinklow (Thanyehténhas), a PhD student at Queen’s University, to discusses how advanced research computing resources have supported the revitalization of Indigenous Languages. Read the full story.

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Compute Ontario

2022 Compute Ontario Summer School: Register Now!

Announcing the 2022 Compute Ontario Summer School jointly hosted by, CAC, SciNet and SHARCNET. Join us for a free series of workshops on skills and technologies for compute and data intensive research delivered by advanced research computing (ARC) and research data management (RDM) specialists, May 30 – August 5, 2022. Register today!

Research Data Management

Summer School Feature - RDM & ARC: Building Bridges to Support Researchers

Join the 2022 Compute Ontario Summer School team for a training program dedicated to research data management! Session 1, “RDM & ARC: Building Bridges to Support Researchers” hosted by Jeff Moon – Director of Data Strategy and Services at Compute Ontario, will provide a high-level introduction to Research Data Management (RDM) and its key role in the Canadian Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) ecosystem. Register today!

Data Management Plans

Summer School Feature - Creating a Data Management Plan

Join the Compute Ontario Summer School team for a training program dedicated to research data management! Session 2, “Creating a Data Management Plan (DMP)” hosted by Alicia Cappello – Queen’s University RDM Librarian, will walk attendees through the creation of a DMP using the DMP Assistant, which is a free, Canadian-based online tool that is simple and easy to use. We’ll also talk briefly about the Tri-Agency RDM Policy and how it’s related to DMPs. Register today!

Summer School Feature - So you want to publish your data, now what? BOREALIS (Dataverse)!

Join the Compute Ontario Summer School team for a training program dedicated to research data management! Session 3, “So you want to publish your data, now what? BOREALIS (Dataverse)!” hosted by Felicity Tayler – University of Ottawa Librarian, will introduce research data repositories, such as Borealis (Dataverse). This session will help you understand your data workflow, the importance of documenting it, and the FAIR principles for curating your data with a view towards sharing it with others. Register today!

Discover the CAC

Who is the CAC?

Our contributions support organizations in the DRI community to fulfill their research initiatives. These organizations often include vulnerable groups such as, indigenous peoples and LGBTQ+ groups. In collaboration with our partner, Compute Ontario, the stories of these organizations are illustrated in our recent video project.

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