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Empowering Canadian research excellence through collaborative support and customized solutions.

At the CAC, we understand the importance of providing top-notch resources and customized solutions to empower the Canadian research community. Our dedicated team offers research consultation, grant proposal support, training, and outreach programs, all tailored to foster collaboration, drive innovation, and enhance educational opportunities. With our expertise and commitment, we ensure you have access to the latest tools, technologies, and knowledge needed to succeed in today’s dynamic research landscape. Let us be your trusted partner in achieving research excellence.

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Key Features

Fostering Research Community

Through training programs and outreach initiatives, we empower your team with the skills, knowledge, and tools they need to excel in your research endeavors. Our customized training sessions enhance research capabilities, foster professional development, and promote ethical research practices. Additionally, our outreach programs facilitate engagement with the broader community, promoting knowledge dissemination and societal impact of research findings.

Streamlined Grant Proposal Process

We provide comprehensive support in developing and refining grant proposals, ensuring they are compelling, well-structured, and aligned with funding agency requirements. Our experienced team can assist you in articulating your technical research requirements and increase your likelihood of securing funding for your projects.

Enabling Research Collaboration

Our support and collaboration services facilitate meaningful partnerships and connections amongst researchers and support providers, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing. By leveraging our expertise and resources, researchers can collaborate more effectively, leading to accelerated innovation.


Research Consultation

Our team of experts specializes in understanding the requirements of your project’s lifecycle. We assist in identifying funding opportunities, strategizing technical specifications, and connecting you with beneficial resources. Through collaborative planning and creative problem-solving, we help you develop fulsome project plans, ensuring your research goals are achieved and funding qualifications are met. Let us guide you on the path to research success.

Grant Proposal Support

Maximize your chances of securing research funding with our Grant Proposal Support service. Our experienced CAC team is dedicated to helping researchers navigate the complex grant application process. From project planning and scope assessment to ensuring funding qualifications are met, we provide valuable guidance, resources, and expertise to strengthen your grant proposals. Trust us to enhance your chances of success and secure the funding you need for your research project.


Equip your research team with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in today’s rapidly evolving research landscape through our comprehensive Training service. With a range of support solutions, hands-on workshops, and customized training formats, we ensure your team is prepared to tackle real-world challenges. Benefit from our team of subject matter experts in areas such as High-Performance Computing, Analytics, Cognitive Computing, and Data Management, among others, and gain the expertise necessary to drive innovation and maximize research outcomes.


Our Outreach services are dedicated to positively impacting our community through a wide range of activities. We actively engage with the community by providing resources, organizing events such as conferences and symposiums, supporting causes and initiatives, and collaborating with working groups. Through these efforts, we aim to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and address local challenges, driving positive change and innovation in our community.

Our Security Standards

Safeguard your research data with our enhanced data centre security standards. We understand the critical importance of protecting your valuable research data. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with robust security measures, including advanced access controls, encryption protocols, 24/7 monitoring, physical security systems, and redundant power and cooling infrastructure. With our stringent security standards, you can rest assured that your research data is protected. Focus on your groundbreaking research while we ensure a high level of security for your valuable data.

CAC Support

We are dedicated to enabling your success through innovative computational resources and support. With a focus on user support, training, and consultation services, the CAC ensures you have the necessary tools and expertise to maximize the potential of advanced computing. Whether it is providing technical assistance, delivering training programs, or offering expert consultation, the CAC plays a crucial role in helping you harness the power of computing and data analytics for your innovative projects and discoveries.