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Data Analytics & Development

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Unleash insights and empower innovation with data analytics and development as your research advantage.

Unlock the power of research with data analytics and development as a service. Our expert team specializes in developing the entire analytics pipeline, from transforming raw data into valuable insights to creating predictive models. With our data scientists in residence, coaching services, and hands-on workshops, we empower your team to gain analytics expertise faster. Our development services deliver custom web and mobile software solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of research groups, not-for-profits, and government. Experience accelerated development, scalable solutions, and knowledge transfer while reaching proof-of-concept stages faster. Partner with us to strengthen your grant proposals and benefit from our history of success.

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Key Features

Increased Efficiency

Our team can handle complex data processing tasks, algorithm development, and software implementation, allowing you to focus on the research. We help you streamline the research process, enabling faster and more accurate insights.

Diverse Expertise

Our team includes data scientists, software engineers, and data analysts who collaborate and contribute their specialized knowledge to lead to more robust and comprehensive data analytics solutions. They offer valuable insights and suggestions for improving methodologies.

Scalability and Flexibility

Our development team can easily scale up or down data analytics efforts based on project requirements. This scalability and flexibility helps you tackle projects of varying sizes and complexity, ensuring that you have the right resources available to meet your evolving needs.


Data Capture

Data Capture is an innovative service offering researchers and institutions a secure and user-friendly solution for building and managing online databases for research data collections. Utilizing the widely recognized tool, REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture), you can enjoy enhanced data security, streamlined analysis and collaboration, and adherence to Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy guidelines, providing a robust alternative to traditional tools like Excel and Qualtrics. The CAC offers three services related to data capture:

  • REDCap hosting: Our dedicated on-premises REDCap instances provide you with secure access to managed environments hosted by the CAC, ensuring optimal performance and data security for your research projects.
  • Form Development: We offer expert assistance in developing and configuring data collection forms tailored to studies conducted in clinical settings or as survey-based research, ensuring efficient and accurate data collection processes for you.
  • Design Consultation & Training: We provide valuable consultation for reviewing data collection designs, offer recommendations based on best practices guidelines, and offer comprehensive training sessions to empower you in effectively utilizing the REDCap platform for your data capture needs.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization is an invaluable service that enables you to present data and information through interactive dashboards, utilizing charts, graphs, and maps to highlight trends, outliers, patterns, and relationships among variables. This service provides you with the ability to monitor data for abnormal situations, make informed decisions, focus on key indicators, and effectively communicate your findings to a general audience in a visually compelling and easily understandable manner.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is a valuable service that focuses on preparing and developing data analytics and visualization pipelines, encompassing various domains such as health and research data. By leveraging this service, you can expedite your data analysis processes, saving time and effort, while gaining access to specialized expertise and innovative tools in the field of artificial intelligence.

Software Development

Software Development delivers custom web and mobile software solutions that bring significant value to you, regardless of your discipline or sector. With expertise in handling complex projects, integration of different technologies, and a portfolio of completed projects, this service empowers you to unlock new software solutions, offload the development task, and expedite the transformation of ideas into tangible solutions, all while offering flexible engagement models tailored to your specific requirements.

Our Security Standards

Safeguard your research data with our enhanced data centre security standards. We understand the critical importance of protecting your valuable research data. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with robust security measures, including advanced access controls, encryption protocols, 24/7 monitoring, physical security systems, and redundant power and cooling infrastructure. With our stringent security standards, you can rest assured that your research data is protected. Focus on your groundbreaking research while we ensure a high level of security for your valuable data.

CAC Support

We are dedicated to enabling your success through innovative computational resources and support. With a focus on user support, training, and consultation services, the CAC ensures you have the necessary tools and expertise to maximize the potential of advanced computing. Whether it is providing technical assistance, delivering training programs, or offering expert consultation, the CAC plays a crucial role in helping you harness the power of computing and data analytics for your innovative projects and discoveries.