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Infrastructure & Storage

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Discover the freedom to accelerate your research with our tailored, optimized, and secure resources.

Power your research with scalable infrastructure and storage solutions. Our data centre offers a wide range of physical and virtual customizable resources, including security solutions, networking solutions, and storage solutions. With high-speed networking capabilities, we enable seamless SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and co-location services. Experience peace of mind as we handle the heavy lifting, optimize your infrastructure, and provide flexible support options, ensuring your data and systems are secure and have a high uptime. Trust in our adherence to best practices, industry standards, and regulatory compliance, enabling you to focus on your research. Discover the value of customizable, optimized, and secure infrastructure and storage solutions tailored to meet your unique needs.


Key Features


Benefit from robust security measures, including advanced access controls, encryption protocols, and industry-standard compliance, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.


Tailor your infrastructure and storage solutions to match your specific requirements, allowing you to scale resources and optimize performance as needed.


Experience high-speed networking capabilities enabling fast and efficient data transfer and communication.


Virtual Machines (IaaS)

Experience optimal performance and security with CAC’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Our dedicated Virtual Machines service is built with best practices in mind, providing optimized services based on individual requirements. With no wait time or shared resources, our secure and customizable solutions offer control, scalability, and flexibility, removing the heavy lifting while ensuring your data remains safe. Benefit from the support of our trained experts and our secure environment, while still affording you the administrative control you require.

Development Stack (PaaS)

Accelerate your development needs with CAC’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Designed as a moderately customized solution, our development stack provides a ready-to-use environment while allowing you to customize your resources with specific software and tools. With over 1200 users currently benefiting from this service at CAC, our platform enables you to hit the ground running, bringing your own code and building powerful big data analytics environments with ease.

Software Applications (SaaS)

Simplify your research process with the CAC’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). As a comprehensive resource, we provide both the environment and software, allowing you to simply bring your team members. Enjoy the convenience of maintaining the resource while benefiting from our highly qualified personnel who ensure the smooth operation of the environment. With access to dozens of software tools, our Software Applications service offers the versatility and functionality you need to drive your research projects forward.

Equipment Hosting (On-prem)

Experience the convenience and security of Equipment Hosting with our On-prem service. Bring your own kit, and we will provide the power and access you need. Benefit from our secure location, redundant power supply, and robust physical safeguards, offering you peace of mind while ensuring your equipment is well-protected. Additionally, we offer flexible management support services tailored to your specific needs, making your on-premises experience hassle-free.

HPC Data Storage

Our High-Performance Computing (HPC) Data Storage features tailored solutions designed to meet your requirements. Whether you require basic HPC storage allocations or larger storage solutions for active research, we provide scalable and secure storage options. Benefit from data availability, robust security measures, adherence to best practices, and the flexibility to accommodate projects that require non-typical solutions.

Encrypted Backups

Ensure the utmost security and protection for your valuable data with our Encrypted Backups service. Powered by IBM’s Spectrum Protect, our next-generation encrypted backup system utilizes dedicated encryption key management, FIPS compliance, and device-independent technology to safeguard your data against both on-premises and off-site data loss. Whether you require regulatory compliance, sensitive data protection, IT outsourcing, backup, or restore capabilities, our encrypted backups provide peace of mind and reliable data preservation.

Secure Data Transfer

Safely and efficiently transfer your valuable data with our Secure Data Transfer service. We enable you to securely move data in and out using industry-standard encrypted transfers, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your information. With user support, adherence to security best practices, and granular access controls, our service offers a reliable solution for transferring sensitive and large data while maintaining controlled access.

Secure Compute

Explore the power of secure computing with our Secure Compute service, featuring two exceptional platforms: Katarokwi and Limestone. Katarokwi offers customizable and secure solutions tailored to your research needs, empowering you with the tools to unlock new insights. Limestone features our hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), which provides a secure, software defined virtualization environment specifically designed for sensitive research, ensuring the utmost protection for your valuable data. Based on your individual requirements, we can spin up dedicated virtual infrastructure on this platform. Discover the possibilities and embrace the advanced capabilities of our Secure Compute service.

Traditional HPC

Unleash the power of scientific discovery with Frontenac, our high-performance computing (HPC) cluster designed to fuel innovation. With Frontenac, you can tap into immense computational power and advanced capabilities to tackle complex scientific challenges. Embrace the future of scientific exploration and drive breakthroughs with our state-of-the-art Traditional HPC service powered by the Frontenac Cluster.


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Our Security Standards

Safeguard your research data with our enhanced data centre security standards. We understand the critical importance of protecting your valuable research data. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with robust security measures, including advanced access controls, encryption protocols, 24/7 monitoring, physical security systems, and redundant power and cooling infrastructure. With our stringent security standards, you can rest assured that your research data is protected. Focus on your groundbreaking research while we ensure a high level of security for your valuable data.

CAC Support

We are dedicated to enabling your success through innovative computational resources and support. With a focus on user support, training, and consultation services, the CAC ensures you have the necessary tools and expertise to maximize the potential of advanced computing. Whether it is providing technical assistance, delivering training programs, or offering expert consultation, the CAC plays a crucial role in helping you harness the power of computing and data analytics for your innovative projects and discoveries.