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The CAC empowers research innovation and collaboration through cutting-edge services.

Our highly trained experts can support your research project from planning, resource allocation and access, storage, training to data analysis and visualization.

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CAC Best Supports

Academic researchers

Accelerate your academic research with innovative systems and services. Gain access to high-performance computing, secure data storage, and advanced research tools, empowering you to analyze large datasets, conduct complex simulations, and drive impactful discoveries. Leverage our robust infrastructure and support to propel your research outcomes forward.

Clinician researchers

Seamlessly manage and analyze sensitive data while ensuring strict data security and privacy compliance. Leverage our advanced computing resources, secure data storage, and collaborative environment to accelerate your research, drive evidence-based insights, and ultimately improve patient care and outcomes.


Transform your organization's research initiatives with our custom-tailored solutions. Access secure and reliable data storage, advanced analytics tools, and scalable computing resources to maximize the impact of your research projects. With our comprehensive support and cost-effective solutions, unleash the full potential of your data-driven research, driving evidence-based strategies, and fostering positive change within your organization and the communities you serve.


Enhance data-driven decision-making, policy development, and program evaluation with secure and scalable data storage, advanced analytics, and powerful computing resources. Our research data centre provides the necessary infrastructure, compliance measures, and collaborative environment to support government research initiatives, driving innovation, efficiency, and evidence-based governance.

Our Security Standards

Safeguard your research data with our enhanced data centre security standards. We understand the critical importance of protecting your valuable research data. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with robust security measures, including advanced access controls, encryption protocols, 24/7 monitoring, physical security systems, and redundant power and cooling infrastructure. With our stringent security standards, you can rest assured that your research data is protected. Focus on your groundbreaking research while we ensure a high level of security for your valuable data.

CAC Support

We are dedicated to enabling your success through innovative computational resources and support. With a focus on user support, training, and consultation services, the CAC ensures you have the necessary tools and expertise to maximize the potential of advanced computing. Whether it is providing technical assistance, delivering training programs, or offering expert consultation, the CAC plays a crucial role in helping you harness the power of computing and data analytics for your innovative projects and discoveries.