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Our Story

Empowering Research. Enabling Innovation.

Welcome to the Centre for Advanced Computing (CAC) at Queen’s University! Our story is one of continuous evolution and dedication to empowering researchers with innovative tools and services. As a leading data centre and cognitive analytics hub, we provide access to flexible high-performance compute resources and modern data analytics solutions. With a strong commitment to security, we offer one of the most secure academic research environments in Canada. Beyond traditional HPC resources, our professional software design and development solutions enable transformative outcomes using data analytics, cognitive computing, and artificial intelligence. Collaborating with clients across academia, clinical, not-for-profit, and industry sectors, we strive to solve real-world challenges and drive impactful discoveries. From our humble beginnings as an organically grown local computational support resource to our current role as a contributor to Canada’s Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) ecosystem, our journey reflects our unwavering commitment to advancing research excellence. Join us in shaping the future of discovery and innovation.

Our HPC systems provide significant gains in processing power, enabling you to perform complex simulations and data analysis at an accelerated pace. Our powerful systems allow you to tackle larger, more intricate problems and obtain results in a fraction of the time.
Our tailored software development solutions enhance efficiency and productivity. Our custom-built applications streamline data management, analysis, and visualization, empowering you with intuitive tools to navigate vast datasets and extract meaningful insights.
We know data analytics plays a pivotal role in research by uncovering patterns, trends, and correlations within large and complex datasets. Our services allow you to gain deeper insights, identify hidden relationships, and make data-driven decisions.

Our Collaborators & Partners