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Secure Compute

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The Katarokwi Environment

Empowering your research with customizable and secure solutions designed uniquely for you.

Katarokwi is a highly configurable and customizable environment designed for non-traditional advanced research computing and storage. This platform offers enhanced security and privacy for all data types and needs, with the ability to build a combination of physical servers, virtual environments, dedicated physical/virtual networking and firewalls, and access controls tailored to specific requirements. This environment is ideal for researchers who require flexibility in their compute, networking, storage and security resources.

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Key Features


Highly customized environment tailored to the researcher’s needs.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced security featuring varying levels of isolation and partitioned access.

Support and Training

Client-managed administration, yet includes support and training from experienced, skilled staff.

Hybrid Environment

Hybrid environment that features a mix of physical servers, VM’s, logical networking and more.

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The Limestone Environment

Secure virtualization for sensitive research - welcome to the Limestone Cluster

Limestone is a virtualization environment with assigned resources to host individualized virtual machines for research projects. This environment is built with network segmentation and isolation in mind to protect the security and privacy of health-related research or other forms of sensitive data.

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Key Features


Secure end-to-end solution for research involving sensitive data.

Individual Environments

Individualized contained environments.

Network Segmentation

Built with network segmentation and isolation in mind.


Experienced, skilled staff to provide support and training.