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compute ontario colloquia series

MAR 8: CO Colloquia Series, "Plotnine: R's Grammar of Graphics in Python"

On March 8, join Tyson Whitehead (SHARCNET), in the Compute Ontario Colloquia series for, “Plotnine: R’s Grammar of Graphics in Python”. This talk will use python and plotnine to go over basics of how you can use the grammar to combine geometry, coordinate, facet, scale, guide, and theme declarations to easily produce an almost unlimited number of types of plots. Learn more!


MAR 9: ACENET: C++ as a Second Language

On March 9, join our partner, ACENET, for “C++ as a Second Language”. This workshop provides a hands-on introduction to the C++ programming language. Learn more!


MAR 15: CO Colloquia Series, "Data Preparation".

On March 15, join Dr. Shadi Khalifa (CAC), in the Compute Ontario Colloquia series for, “Data Preparation”. Discover the data analytics pipeline, its processes, and the different statistical and visualization approaches for conducting exploratory and descriptive analytics. Learn more!

RDM Brown Bag Series

MAR 22: RDM Brown Bag Information Series 2: Session 3 - Depositing Your Research Data in a Repository

On March 22, join the Queen’s Data Champion‘s for an R4R session dedicated to learning about the benefits and considerations around depositing your research data into a repository, featuring special guest presenter Dr. Robert Montgomerie, Professor Emeritus of Biology and Data Editor for The American Naturalist. Register today!


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