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We are excited to offer a dynamic series of courses designed to empower researchers, students, and enthusiasts with essential computing and data science skills.

Our workshops are available throughout the year and are offered every semester. Whether you are a beginner eager to kickstart your journey or a seasoned professional looking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving field, our workshops have something for everyone.

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Bioinformatics: Advancements and challenges in the era of big data analysis


Advancements and challenges in the era of big data analysis

Advancements in sequencing technologies have revolutionized biological sciences. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) approaches are now a routine part of biological research generating staggering amounts of data. This rapid growth poses significant challenges in data acquisition, storage, and distribution. In addition, large-scale data analysis among national and international collaborations requires portable, scalable, and reproducible computational analysis.

This webinar will also cover some best practices including workflow management for pipeline development, handling software installation, databases to run on different compute platforms and enable workflow portability and sharing.

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Compute Ontario: Weekly Colloquia Series

The Compute Ontario Colloquia is a weekly informational series hosted via Zoom. These informational presentations cover a wide range of Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) topics, such as advanced research computing (ARC), research data management (RDM), and research software (RS). The presentations are delivered by Compute Ontario and consortium staff and featured speakers. The series commences January 2023 and will supersede similar webinar series previously delivered by Compute Ontario’s consortium (e.g. SHARCNET’s General Interest Webinars or SciNet’s User Group Meeting TechTalks). The Colloquia are each 1 hour in length and include time for questions. No registration is required.