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Discover Our Workshop Series

We are excited to offer a dynamic series of courses designed to empower researchers, students, and enthusiasts with essential computing and data science skills.

Our workshops are available throughout the year and are offered every semester. Whether you are a beginner eager to kickstart your journey or a seasoned professional looking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving field, our workshops have something for everyone.

Featured Courses

Explore our dynamic selection of past offerings, which evolve over time to cater to diverse interests and expertise levels. Keep an eye out for upcoming additions to our lineup as we continually introduce new courses to meet the evolving needs of the research community.

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Sessions

Our workshop series runs every semester. Keep an eye on our training and events page for updates on upcoming workshops, registration details, and other information.

2024 Compute Ontario Summer School

We are excited to announce the dates for this year’s 2024 Compute Ontario Summer School.

Jointly organized by the Centre for Advanced Computing, SciNet, SHARCNET, and in collaboration with the RDM Network of Experts, this year’s virtual event will be held on June 3 – 21.

The Compute Ontario Summer School offers a comprehensive curriculum packed with nearly 40 free courses. Delivered by experts in the field, these sessions cover a wide range of topics including Advanced Research Computing (ARC), High Performance Computing (HPC), and Research Data Management (RDM). With presentations and workshops available at introductory to advanced levels, there is something for everyone.

Registration is now open!